House of Hope is an Arabic-language, trauma-informed elementary school in the West Bank villages of Al Eizariya/ Abu Dis. Inspired by Martin Luther King Jr.’s Beloved Community and commitment to nonviolence, House of Hope is the only emerging Waldorf school in the West Bank.

Surrounded by regional violence and household poverty, children in the Holy Land face immense stress and hardship. That’s why House of Hope strives to deliver trauma-informed, holistic education in the West Bank. Teachings include art, music expression, therapeutic body movements and other self-esteem affirming activities. By helping children develop healthy, nonviolent coping skills, House of Hope inspires the next generation of community leaders dedicated to peace and community wellness.

Founded in 2008 as a community youth center, House of Hope expanded in 2014 when it opened a trauma-informed kindergarten and elementary school. House of Hope’s holistic learning environment gently and effectively supports students to overcome trauma-induced educational barriers and decrease the likelihood that they will respond to toxic stress with violence.

House of Hope’s 2018 Annual Report 

House of Hope students learn healthy skills for coping with trauma, such as art and music expression, therapeutic body movement and other self-esteem affirming activities. Students also practice Nonviolent Communication, a healing approach to conflict resolution, and embrace cultural diversity and coexistence as a strategy for peacebuilding. During the summer holiday, House of Hope art, music and dance therapy programs are safe-havens for children who might otherwise be in the streets.



The impact of House of Hope’s life-giving work is documented by teachers who report students’ individual achievement in behavioral and academic areas. Many children start their time at House of Hope quiet and withdrawn, and with time, engage with their classmates and teachers and achieve academic goals.

House of Hope is deeply inspired by the Waldorf education movement and is the only emerging Waldorf kindergarten in the West Bank.








House of Hope is a non-political, non-governmental organization and is registered with the Palestinian Ministry of Education, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Culture.