The Ten Pillars of a Good Childhood

The Ten Pillars of a Good Childhood were developed as guidance, a starting point that can be used to consider what a good childhood looks like today. Please use these pillars for your engagement with this decade.

  1. Safe and secure places for living and learning, with access to health care, clothing, and nutritious food
  2. Strong families and loving, consistent caregivers
  3. Social interactions and friendships
  4. Creative play and physical activity
  5. Appreciation and stewardship of the natural environment
  6. Creative expression through music, dance, drama, and the other arts
  7. Education that develops the full capacities of the child—cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and ethical
  8. Supportive, nurturing, child-friendly communities
  9. Growing independence and decision making
  10. Children and youth participating in community life.

Click here to read Ten Pillars of a Good Childhood: A Finnish Perspective by Lea Pulkkinen, University of Jyväskylä, Finland