Advocating for Childhood on a Global Scale

reGeneration understands that how we respond to the world depends largely on what we have learned and experienced in childhood.  We believe that all children growing up in the Middle East have a basic right to experience a wholesome environment that cultivates the empathic foundation, the motivational drive, and the personal and social resources to be able to create a peaceful and productive society as adults.

The understanding of child development grew tremendously during the 20th century. Today, however, there is a growing concern about the state of childhood.  Some experiences of childhood are relatively new, reflecting the economic, social, and technological changes that characterized the latter half of the last century. While many of these changes advanced children’s well-being, others created problems, including a more fragmented, hurried, and anxious existence. Rising rates of childhood obesity, hyperactive disorders, depression, and stress are only a few examples. Rapid cultural and technological changes combine with age-old problems of poverty, neglect, abuse, and violence thwart the healthy development of huge numbers of children. Too often, nations have been unable to translate new knowledge into actions that promote children’s health and well-being.

Current conditions pose a threat to childhood on a global scale, and the need to address them is urgent. reGeneration has joined forces with the Association for the Education of Childhood International and the Alliance for Childhood to proclaim 2012-2022 The Decade for Childhood, a multi-year initiative to explore what is eroding in childhood, to promote the Ten Pillars of Childhood, and to create new opportunities for childhood’s future—our human future.