Meet Lana Nasrallah

Meet Lana Nasrallah: Tamrat El Zeitoun’s First Waldorf Class Teacher

Lana NasrallahI am a Christian Arab woman, born in Israel in the city of Shefar’am, a town of 30,000, located between Haifa and Nazareth. My father, Edward was a successful carpenter with a very artistic nature. My mother, So’ad, always dreamed of becoming a doctor and was accepted to the University of Jerusalem. Although she never fulfilled that dream, she loved learning and instilled the importance of education on myself and my brothers and sister. We all went on to receive a higher education and each of us, in our own way, has an artistic nature and an appreciation of aesthetics.more…

Listening Circle

A Circle of Listening in Ein Bustan

Rachel Gottlieb/Gidi Hyman/Amit Telem/Ester Springut/Itaf Awad

Ein Bustan’s special pedagogy is guided by three main principles: Bi-Lingulism (Arabic-Hebrew), Waldorf education, and Listening Circles. All three of these are incorporated both in our work with the children, as well as in the inner work that we do as adults in the Ein Bustan community, whether we are staff, teachers, or parents. more…

Aida’s letter

Dear Special Friends,

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for making it possible for me to go to the Public School Institute at Rudolf Steiner College. What a wonderful experience! more…