We work to achieve peace through interfaith bridgebuilding and trauma-informed education for Jewish, Christian and Muslim children.  

Many children, especially those in Israel and the West Bank, are affected by toxic stress caused by violent conflict and poverty. Research shows that this stress negatively affects the entire trajectory of a child’s life: brain development, academic achievement, mental and physical health, the capacity for empathy which is a foundation for peacebuilding and likelihood of committing violent crimes as an adult.

We mitigate this toxic stress and work for peace by:

  • Partnering with and co-sponsoring trauma-informed schools for children in Israel and the West Bank
  • Hosting conferences and training focused on educating children in crisis zones for Western and Middle Eastern kindergarten and elementary school teachers
  • Initiating and building interfaith networks in the U.S. that model healing in the Middle East

Key Accomplishments

  • Developed with David Yellin Academic College and Caritas Switzerland Relief Agency the Jerusalem Conference on Educating Young Children in Crisis Zones and Disadvantaged Communities: Facing the Challenge – Sharing the Vision.
  • Helped to establish a model peace education school in Israel by financially supporting Tamrat El Zeitoun Arab Waldorf School until the Israeli Ministry fully recognized and began fully funding the school.
  • Hosted a 10 day West Bank Waldorf Institute immersion workshop for 160 Palestinian kindergarten and primary schools teachers in Jenin.
  • Nurturing the Palestinian led movement for trauma-informed, Waldorf-inspired education in the West Bank by partnering with House of Hope peace school in Abu Dis.
  • Built ongoing, collaborative partnerships with two Jewish/Arab Waldorf kindergartens in Israel, Ein Bustan
    Kindergarten and Bustan Yaffa Kindergarten.
  • Developed the current version of10 Steps for Peace Education with Alliance for Childhood.
  • Producing a documentary on the transformative power of quality early childhood development and education to promote sustainable peace in the Middle East.
  • Founded Southern California Muslim-Jewish Forum in cooperation with local Jewish and Muslim leaders to counter anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.
  • Established the City of Angels Network for Abrahamic Faith Educators
  • Mobilized interfaith communities for peacemaking by establishing the City of Angels Network for Abrahamic Faith Educators, hosting Creative Conflict Resolution training and conducting Restorative Justice Community Building Circle workshops for educators from the Abrahamic Faiths.